Haiku Learning installation guide - Staff version

Haiku installation guide – Staff version

Please note: At this time, the Activities area of Haiku is only available on the School & District Edition domains.  Haiku hopes to make this available to more users in the future, though, so check back in with Haiku over time.


  1. From inside Haiku click on My Classes and select the course you wish integrate with the Learning Engine.
  2. Click on the Add Content Block button
  3. Click on the Connect & Assess tab and select Activity from the list.
    Note: If the Activity option is greyed out and you are unable to select it, you will need to add it by going to Manage ClassàClass SettingsàFeatures within your class page.
  4. Select the Activity to add. Earlier in this example we named it “Learning Engine”.
    Note: If you do not see the Activity you are looking for here, please contact a Domain Administrator at your school or organization.
  5. Apply a Title, Detail and click on the Save & Configure button.

  6. The LTI Tool will load. Click on the Publish button
  7. Adjust the settings to your preference.
    1. Under the Location on Page drop down menu select First Page.
    2. Under the Display the Activity section choose whether you want the activity to open in a new window or as an embed on the page. If choose to display as an embed we recommend setting the Frame Height to 700 pixels or less for optimum display.
    3. Click the Finish button when complete.

Setup is now complete and you can view the LTI Tool you just created by going to the class and clicking on the Pages tab. Depending on what Display type you chose in the step above you will either see the tool display embedded on the page or it will display a link that will open the tool in a new window.

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