Blackboard installation guide - Staff version

Blackboard installation guide – Staff version


  1. Navigate to the desired course you wish to add the Learning Engine to
  2. On the top right hand corner ensure that Edit Mode is set to ON.

    Note: If Edit Mode is: Off simply click on the word “off” and it will turn Edit mode to: “on”.
  3. Click on Content on the left hand side of the page. Then click on Build Content > Web Link

  4. Name the Web Link something that your students will recognize. Example: Learning Engine

  5. Use the URL:
  6. Check the checkbox for This link is to a Tool Provider.
  7. Adding a Description is optional
  8. Under Web Link Options set this to your preference whether to open in a new window or be embedded. For this example we will use Embedded and will choose No.
  9. Be sure to click Submit to save your changes.
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