Blackboard installation guide - Administrator version

 Blackboard installation guide - Administrator version

  1. Log into your Blackboard account as an administrator

  2. Go to System Admin

  3. Under Building Blocks, click Building Blocks

  4. Click LTI Tool Providers

  5. Click the Register Provider Domain button

  6. Set Provider Domain to

  7. Set Provide Domain Status to Approved


  8. Depending on how you want it set up, you can set Default Configuration to either set separately or set globally, for this example we’re going to use Set globally to simplify the process of adding the Learning Engine to multiple courses.

  9. Set Tool Provider Key to the value of your Consumer Key on the Cattura Customer Portal in the organization tab.

  10. Set Tool Provider Secret to the value of your Consumer Secret on the Cattura Customer Portal in the organization tab. If you have not received a secret yet, you can generate one by clicking “Create New Secret”. Do NOT lose this key, you will only be able to see it once and if you lose it you will have to reset it

  11. Set Send User Data to Send user data over SSL

  12. Check Constituency in Course, Name, and Email Address

  13. Set Show User Acknowledgment Message to No

  14. Submit

Creating and Managing Placements

After you have added a new LTI provider, it appears on the LTI providers list. From here, you can manage the placement of the tool in Learn. Creating a name and placing the tool in a menu in Learn is not required, but it makes it easy for end users to find and use. End users adding the LTI tool to their courses do not have to know the tool URL or secret key.

  1. Go to System Admin > Building Blocks > Building Blocks > LTI Tool Providers page.

  2. Select the check-box next to the newly created LTI provider domain and click the Approve button. Next hover over the name and click on Mange Placements.

  3. Click the Create Placement button

  4. Set Label to any text; for demonstration we’ll be using Learning Engine, although anything will work

  5. Set the Handle field to a unique value among your other placements. For this example we will use learning_engine

  6. The Type field is entirely up to your preferences; However, we will be using the Content Tool option for this configuration and then selecting Tools.

  7. Set “Tool Provider URL” to

  8. Submit

Manage Global Properties

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Building Blocks, click Building Blocks.

  2. Click LTI Tool Providers

  3. Click Manage Global Properties

  4. Under Feature Availability, select the default availability of learning tool links. Making learning tool links unavailable removes the extra configuration functionality from the Instructor's Create Web Link workflow, and only standard URLs will be supported in that workflow.

    1. Manage the settings under Feature Availability:

      1. Enable the tool in Courses

      2. Enable the tool in Departments

    2. Set your Creation of Tool Provider Links to:

      1. Allow only links to approved tool providers (This option will not allow users to add learning tool links unless the administrator has already approved the provider)

    3. Click Submit.

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