LED Status Lights info

Magewell Generation 2 cards have blue LED lights on each Input that display different behaviors to indicate a particular status.

This can be extremely helpful while troubleshooting a problem within your A/V environment.

Status Light Behaviors:

OFF                    = No Power

Breathing           = No Signal

ON                       = Input Signal Locked

Blink                     = Hardware start error

Double Blink         = Hardware verify error



  • usually an indication that the card is not correctly seated within the PCI-E slot

  • the motherboard PCI-E slot is malfunctioning or not providing enough power


  • invalid signal outside the compatible resolution and or frame rates

  • faulty cable, adapter, switcher or replicator


  • Signal is valid


  • Magewell driver failed to load properly. Rebooting the unit or reinstalling driver will be necessary

Double Blink

  • Card is malfunctioning and will need to be replaced

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