Best Practices



  • Always use the description field to describe the best use of a template
  • Label templates appropriately  
  • Make a "General Use" templates to cut down on numerous duplicate templates.
  • Include date created in description
  • Connect all devices before creating template.

Source Copies

  • Unless necessary encode all video sources using the same profile
  • Choose a resolution equal or less than the settings of the video source. 


  • Try to limit the use of OCR to slide presentations. This feature is not reliable with other presentations types
  • Run through your presentation to get the correct SCD threshold.
  • If unable to run through presentation set the threshold low so that you get more slides than are needed. That  way you can just delete the unneeded slides later.
  • Use a minimalist approach to presentations. If it doesn't need to be there then leave it out.


  • Test each template after creation and before capture. A test only takes 10 seconds


  • You will be unable to delete a template if the template is being used in a future/current capture. There are two ways to solve this.
    • Delete all captures using that template.
    • Change all the captures using that template to another template first. 


  • Keep it Clean. Delete Unnecessary Captures for quick viewing and management
  • Try not to view videos while  a capture is in progress. Due to the simultaneous encoding a lot of system resources are used for capturing so captures may seem lower in quality temporarily. 
  •  The quality is higher when viewed off the unit than on. You can download the videos to view them for quality assurance.


  • As with templates try to name your capture appropriately
  • Give yourself as much time between each capture as possible. Although the Cattura Capture Cast Pro can be ready for a capture 1 min after the previous capture ended. Getting ready for the next capture may need more than 1 min to set up. 
  •  Approval waiting is a great way to QA your captures before publishing. 
  • Plan ahead. Nothing is lost if you prepare the captures days, weeks or even months ahead of time. Deleting a capture is much easier than rushing to start a capture. 


  • Enable the Auto Purge option if possible. This will cut down storage space and work time automatically 
  • Enable HTML 5 Playback. when using compatible browsers. This is a much smoother and higher quality than the default Flash player.
  • Name your CaptureCase ProTM  Unit 
  • Leave Training mode on. You never know when someone who hasn't been trained will start to use the unit. 


  • If your having a problem let us know. Create a ticket in zendesk, call or email. 
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