Packing Methods for Shipping Cattura Products

When packing up the Cattura Capture CastTM Pro for a trip, return, or service, please follow these simple steps to ensure that no damage occurs to the unit in transit. If you have your own custom shipping case, please make sure that the unit is snug and secure within the case before shipping. 

General Packing Procedure (XL)

Log into the Cattura Customer Linux account on Capture Cast Pro unit. Click the power icon at the top right and select Shutdown.

The Capture Cast Pro unit runs very quiet, so the best way to tell if it has shutdown fully is by seeing/feeling if the fans are still moving on the back side of the unit. If they are stationary, you have successfully shutdown the unit. 

You will then need to press the Main Power switch located on the back of the unit next to the power cable. Press the switch so that the 0 is chosen.  

Detach all cables, adapters and devices from the unit, place the following items in a bag to be shipped back to Cattura:

  •  Power Cable
  • Audio Breakout Cable
  • Video Breakout Cable
  • VGA to DVI Adapter
  • HDMI to DVI Adapter
  • HD Component to DVI Adapter
  • S Video to SD Video Adapter

       Each item above comes standard with our Capture Cast Pro as of 2013.  

Wrap the unit in bubble wrap, ensuring that not only the top and bottom are covered but also the ports on the back. It is helpful to tape the bubble wrap on the unit so that during shipping unwrapping doesn't occur.  

Finally, place the wrapped unit and bag into a cardboard box. Before taping the box closed, please fill any empty space between the unit and box with more bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other packing material.  Seal tightly. 

General Packing (slim)

The procedure for packing the slim version of the Capture Cast Pro is exactly the same except for a one difference.

Shutdown the unit in the same manner, but this time you won't be able to look for fans. The front LED will power down upon shutdown.  Unplug the power cord and follow the exact same instructions presented above.  


When returning units or cards, please ensure that the RMA is filled out in full. Include notes on any physical damage you notice. This will help us discern the differences between shipping damage and pre-shipping damage. Please note any and all damage or concerns. 

Units (XL or slim):

If you need to ship your Cattura Capture Cast Pro back for repair or just a return in general, please pack the unit using the above specifications. Additionally, please print and fill out the RMA form sent to you by our support department. If you do not have this form please contact or call us at  1(800)417-3230.


If  a capture card or audio card has become faulty, please contact us at support and we will take you step by step on how to remove the old and install the new card.

After removal, please place the faulty card into an ESD bag. Then, wrap the card in bubble wrap or place the card between two pieces of foam and place the protected card within a box for shipment; ensuring the completed RMA is in the box as well. 




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