Capture Cast Pro: Headers and Footers


At the top of the Cattura Web Service (CWS) there is a header bar. This bar includes buttons that will allow you to move among the different sections of the CWS easily. Located to the right of this header is a capture status indicator that will let you know what the Capture Cast ProTM is doing.  During these different states the Capture Cast Pro™  can have different options available or disabled.  



  • Unlimited access


  • Unable to Re-detect devices
  • Current capturing template can’t be edited
  • Quick Start Unavailable
  • Lower Quality when Viewing Previous Captures



When changing to a smaller screen size, the header will become a drop down menu located at the top right. The “Capture Status Indicator”  will also disappear. To return the headers to its original state just resize the window to a larger size.


Just like the headers, there are footers located at the bottom of each page.  These footers hold important information like Cattura Video Contact information and CWS version number. Also located at the bottom is the name of the unit and current time. You are encouraged to change the “Unit Name” this will help with differentiation between multiple units especially if you working over the net.  Both time and name can be changed in the settings. 


  • Website and Support Sites

  • Unit name: Allows users a way to give each unit a customized name for each unit. This is a quick way for a user identify each unit throughout their campus/facility.
  • Version and Build  Number:These values help identified our support team to determine your specific software type.
  • Time: Displays current time settings for your unit.


 Note:  The time displayed in the footer is the time set for the unit overall. If it is not set to the correct time zone your scheduled captures could be off. The standard time zone when shipping will be set to Central.

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