Video/Audio Capture Card Connection Guide

Video/Audio Capture card Connection Guide

*NOTE: It is extremely important to know that Cattura Video has deprecated the use of the Datapath cards do to unforeseen circumstances.  We are not currently supporting the Datapath development. Most units shipped since 2013 will have Blackmagic. If you do have a unit with a Datapath card please contact Cattura Video's support at

Also if you would like to see a video tutorial click Here

Video Capture Cards



* this chart may change as new technology is introduced and modified


Intensity Video Breakout Cable 


If you are using the Breakout cable

Composite #8: is where you plug Yellow in

Component #7-9: matching up the color ( RGB )

HDMI- Plug into the actual card using the Input


Plug All video sources into Inputs 


 Plug All video sources into Inputs



 Plug All video sources into Inputs

Most Common Formats

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.28.41 PM.png                                                                                                                                  Y= Yes   N=No

We support these formats, Click these links to find out more Formats the cards support 

Go to Video standards - HD format Supports

This will give a list of every Format the cards support







Audio Cables


Juli@ XTe



1-2 Analog Inputs/Outputs- Input This is where the Auido would be plugged in to into the XTe. The card is engrave with the proper inputs and outputs

3-4 Not Used


MAudio Breakout Cable

The below picture has the digital audio cable as well. It is not SOP to send those cables as well but if you need it please let us know



7. Plug into Audio card #12

8.  Analog inputs- this is where the Auido would be plugged into ( cables are tan )

9. Analog outputs- Cables are black

12. Where #7 goes

Images has been copied from the MAudio 1010LT Delta manual


MAudio Audiophile 192




Images has been copied from the MAudiophile 192 Manual


TRS Input- This is where the Auido would be plugged into. The cables will be labeled with "IN" on the cable.


MAudio Audiophile 2496



Images has been copied from the MAudiophile 2496 manual


  1. Analog Input- This is where the Auido would be plugged into. 



Dip Switch Settings (1010LT only)


Images has been copied from the Dip switch settings (1010LT ) Manual


Select units are equipped with a dip switch for audio adjustments without having to open the unit.

Located in the back of the unit should be a red rectangle with white switches.  On both units, the bar is on the right hand side, however on the XL it is turned clockwise so that the bar on the left of the table is at the top, and the bar on the right is at the bottom.

To the left is a table identifying the type of input and best known settings for the switches.  A bar with the white at the top indicates up, while a bar with the white at the bottom indicates down.

You're welcome to tinker with the switches as you please, however, remember you need to turn the unit off every time you go to change the switches. That way, the new settings take effect when the unit turns back on, and you protect your audio card in the process.


*Note: If you unplug an audio breakout cable which was already connected to the unit it could damage the card, you MUST power off the unit before plugging the audio breakout cable back in, to prevent possible damage to the sound card. 

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