Web Interface Tutorial

NOTE- This is a tutorial, if you want to know more info look at the specific pages

Web Interface

The Web Interface will be your main tool when working with the CaptureCastTM Pro. Here you will decide on templates, schedules, audio/video settings and even the outlook of your video.  In order to do this, the first thing you need to do is access the Web Interface. Once you have identified the IP address of your unit, enter the IP in your web browser as a URL and press enter. A login box should appear, after you have entered your credentials and pressed the login button the screen below will load up.






The first page you are brought to is the Dashboard, here you will find:

- System Activity

  • Idle- System is not currently capturing
  • Capture in progress- System is currently capturing

-Future and Past Captures

  • Upcoming Schedule Captures- List of the next up coming scheduled capture
  • Latest Captures- Captures that have finished, and are ready to view

-System Status

  • System Status- Provides network and storage information

-Quick Capture

  • Quick Capture- Where you can start a capture by selecting a Template and pressing the start capture button 



The Templates page is where you can create and customize unique templates to fit any style the presenter wants


For example 'teacher A' might need to use 3 cameras and a microphone but in the same lecture hall 'teacher B' might need just one camera and microphone. Not only can you set up templates with specific devices but also the presenter's preferred content manager. The Cattura Agent can upload video captures to YouTube, Kaltura, MediaCore, Vimeo, Google drive and/or store it in personal storage for easy viewing.  Pick as many of these options as you would like and your capture is automatically uploaded without any post-production fuss. 

To learn how to create Templates click Here


The Manage page is where you can view, delete, and edit past videos


An internal Calendar where you can schedule future captures, or import a personal calendar from iCal and Google drive.

To learn how to Schedule a capture click Here




The Device page is where you can find/edit your video and audio sources.

To learn more about the devices page click Here




Here you have access to many different settings that can be explained on our Settings page


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