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Step 1. Link your YouTube and/or Vimeo Pro account.
Visit our guide on How to Authorize your YouTube and Vimeo accounts.

Step 2. Once your account(s) are linked you can now go to the ‘Device’ page and grant permissions for our app to use your capture devices.
Visit our guide on How to grant device permissions for the CaptureCast Chrome app.

Step 3. On the ‘Device’ page you'll need to enable at least 1 capture source to start a recording whether that be a mic, webcam, desktop or a combination.
Visit our guide on How to start recording with the CaptureCast Chrome extension app

Step 4. Once your recording has ended you can now go to the ‘Manage’ tab. Here you can Edit the name of your capture, Play your video, Download it to your computer, Delete or Upload it to you YouTube and or Vimeo Pro accounts.
Visit our guide on Manage your Media

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