CaptureCast Cloud App Release Notes


  • Added new media manager which is in-line, streamlined, and more easily summarizes the captured media on a user's system
    • Allow for searchable media under directory by date & title
    • Centralizes user's management and publishing controls
  • Standardized fonts to assure interface text is consistent on all major OS
  • Improved layout, terminology, and added more UI elements to hide complex parts of application so that it's more streamlined and less complex
  • Publishing
    • Removed (due to it closing) while added Akamai streaming to preferred streaming providers
    • Added more syndicated metadata to each publisher
    • Deeper, more streamlined integration with Learning Engine
  • Improved environment detection to assure application preconditions are met before we launch (with an appropriate warning) on more platforms
  • Hundreds of small bug fixes and corner-cases


  • Publishing
    • Added Learning Engine support
    • Enhanced publisher workflow to include additional metadata and customization


  • Improved layout of webcam and TargetArea to be more intelligent and simple
  • Added ability to resize Setting UI


  • Enhanced CatturaPortal livestreaming configuration parsing to more intelligently populate the appropriate streaming provider
  • Livestreaming more closely emulates FMLE streaming in order to assure optimal streaming compatibility and experience
  • Extended support for Java including the latest 7.55


  • Replaced old webcam capture library with improved, more efficient, and more widely supported library to assure we work with more webcams across more platforms
  • Added controls to chose different styles of Target Area so that users can select what style works best in their environment
  • Finished reworking of libraries to make us compatible on all major operating systems (Windows XP & higher, MacOSX & higher, Linux major distributions with 32 & 64 bit support)
  • Publishing & live-streaming
    • Added support to publish to Vimeo
    • Added more granular controls to custom streaming provider to allow for more customization
    • Overhauled publishing library to be more informative & efficient & publish to multiple providers simultaneously
  • Added controls to highlight mouse cursor during capture


  • Overhaul of entire system to improve efficiency, detection, capabilities, integration, error detection, etc.
  • Publishing
    • Enhanced publishing integration to take advantage of the more advanced options provided by each publisher
    • Enhanced to take advantage of metadata when publishing to each provider
  • Improved the Applet launching code to run from a minimal Applet rather than a just HTML (gives us important events like progress, starting, completion)


  • Added RTMP streaming which support both RTMP and RTMPE
    • Support streaming and creating a file simultaneously
  • Applet and Cattura Portal
    • Integrated into the online Portal to make a simple workflow for embedding and distribution
      • One click launcher which makes user experience very simple to get started
    • Added JavaScript detection to assure that the user is using the proper version of Java
    • Verified signed application with Verisign for applet and executables (exe, dmg)
  • Enhanced to publish to popular providers (Kaltura, YouTube, MediaCore, Google Drive, FTP)
  • Integrated licensing platform for easily distributing and licensing software


  • Support for capturing microphones, webcams, and desktop
  • Audio resampling for 1, 2 channels with 22.05, 44.1, 48 kHz
  • Encoding to H.264 and AAC specification within a mp4/m4a file with various encoding parameters to configure settings
  • Completed user experience to allow user to configure how/what they capture, resizing/dragging the capturable window, etc.
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