Zendesk: A Basic Manual

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is the Cattura Video support portal which allows Cattura Video to stay in contact with its customers. On Zendesk you can read articles on the the Capture CastTM and Capture Cast ProTM as well as report problems you may be experiencing.

How do you login? 

When we are about to ship your unit, the last thing we do is create a Zendesk account for the main contact within your organization. Below is an example of an email that will be sent to the main contact with instructions on how to create a password and how to sign in: 

 If you are not the main contact with Cattura Video, you will need to email us at and ask for more accounts. We will need the name of the individuals as well as their email account.

If you already have a Zendesk account, go to and click the login link at the top right. If you've forgotten your password, send us an email or use the Zendesk password recovery system. 

Casual Reading

Once you've logged in, the first page you will be brought to is the Support Article section. In here, you can read from A-Z about all the Cattura Video products including manuals, tips and tricks, tutorials, and much more.  

Have a problem? Make a ticket!

If you are experiencing a problem with your hardware or software, go to the top of the Zendesk page and find the button Submit a Request.  After proceeding to the next page, you will be able to explain your problem in detail. It is highly recommended that you send pictures with your request if possible. Some errors don't require a picture, however most errors the user will encounter will be visual and a picture would go a long way to help us evaluate the problem you're experiencing. If possible, please include any additional info on how to recreate your issue by describing how the problem was discovered and how often it occurs.

What's the status of my ticket? 

By clicking on the Check Existing Tickets tab, you can check on the status of any active tickets within our system. You will also receive a system generated email whenever your ticket receives an update or status change. If you have no active tickets, the webpage will be blank. 

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