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Who do I contact about questions/purchasing Cattura Video Products?

E-mail us at and we will help you from there.

How do I set up a live demo for the Hardware/Software? 

E-mail us at  with an email Subject “Demo Request” and preferred contact information. 

Who do I contact if problems arise?

E-mail us at please include a detailed description of the problem, who owns the unit, as well as the warranty number and a return email if different from sender. 

What is my Zendesk account for?

Zendesk accounts are used for submitting feature requests, issues or bugs, or general questions to the support staff as well as viewing any support documentation or upcoming updates.

What’s the difference between Software and Hardware?

In the instance of hardware, Cattura Video can control everything pertaining to the hardware environment to maximize the true potential of Cattura Lecture Captures. While on the other hand software offers the mobility we all would like. Quality vs. Mobility, In-depth capture creation vs. Ease of use those are just some of the differences separating hardware and software. To demo either the hardware or the software to find out which one works best for you please contact us.

Where do my videos go after I have recorded them? 

Software: At the end of each capture the videos will be automatically stored to a default location we have chosen for our app. You can play the recording, delete, or publish it.  Downloading videos will automatically save to your Downloads folder.

Hardware: Your template will need to have Storage selected in the Publishing section so your capture is saved to the local hard drive. The videos will be available to view, download, publish or delete within the Manage section of our UI.If you choose to only Publish the capture, then it will be stored to the selected publisher.

I am not technically inclined. Will I be able to use your products with little difficulty?

Yes, we have designed the hardware and software interface for all users from beginner to expert. By using the FAQ and Tutorials found on this site you can easily become a Cattura Video expert user.  

Where can I go for more instruction on how to use the Software and/or Hardware? 

Software Training Documents 
Hardware Training Documents

Lecture capture is expensive and only for well funded schools/businesses. Can we afford this on a small budget? 

We at Cattura Video pride ourselves on Quality and Affordability. We strive to meet the video quality standards of an Ivy League University while pricing at a level even a small business or school can afford.

Is there someone I can talk to in order to determine if Cattura Video Products are right for me and which would best fit my lecture capture needs? 

Email us at  or call us at 1-210-614-8324 and ask for the Sales Department

What are these different encoding preset settings? Which one do you recommend to people not versed in the AV world? 

Check out this article here. The article talks about different presets in simple terms to allow you the user to determine which one works for them. Since no two setups will be the same we can’t recommend any one preset across the board.

The software won't load at all on Windows, I double-click on it and it doesn't do anything.

Please right click on the icon and select Run as Administrator. 

I unplugged my webcam during recording and now I have a stutter in my audio, how can I stop that?

When you unplug your webcam, try to remember to turn your webcam (and your audio if you're recording sound through it) off before unplugging it. The audio stutter will stop if you turn the sound off, wait a moment, and then turn it back on; this works even during recording sessions.  

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